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As a pioneer of modern, agile software development practices in Australia, Bryk Fintech can assist you in all aspects of software project managements, including specification, business case development, vendor selection, delivery, implementation, maintenance, support and hosting.




Bryk Fintech has a suite of finance solutions to assist businesses of all sizes. Whether you are looking for a simple, online self-service application process, a complete, professional loan origination system or a complete, integrated end-to-end loan management system, Bryk Fintech has a solution for you.

About Us



Bryk Fintech is part of the Bryk Group of Companies. While providing a complete, end-to-end service for Government and Private enterprise clients, it has a particular focus on software solutions in the Lending and Leasing domains.


Food for Thought...

Software innovation, like almost every other kind of innovation, requires the ability to collaborate and share ideas with other people, and to sit down and talk with customers and get their feedback and understand their needs. 

  - Bill Gates

Point of Sale


Bryk Fintech's Finance Point of Sale System is a world-leading integrated solution for finance organisations of all types.  It is in use across several industry groups, including automotive and personal financing.

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